Hungry Soul

Yesterday I was told I have a hungry soul. True story. Today, I thought about it, embraced it and the only way to describe it came out on paper. Today, amidst all the craziness of life, I wish the world a happy day and a hungry soul.

Hungry Soul

This soul lingers above contentment

A piece of satisfaction waits but oceans away.

A torn book, a letter read, a beating heart

These will suffice.

Happiness strokes only as water on a ducks back

The moment before thought escapes tip of tongue

The moment risen cheeks and curved lips come back to rest in place

A shadow blocks the light, the weakest link breaks away

A pocket starves an empty stomach

These will not suffice.

Laughter teases vocal chords, the ocean tickles the shore

Both will wash away, neither will remain.

And this soul lingers above contentment

The breath of life waits but oceans away

Hope will guide the hungry soul

Hope will guide this hungry soul

Contentment will escape…

-Oh Porter

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