About Me…

If I Had One Wish: It would be that “About Me” sections had a word limit, so that I could write and rewrite “there is no way I could describe myself in this many words no matter how hard I tried” over and over until I filled the word limit

If I could Take back one thing I ever said: It would be “I wish I never said that”

If I Were President: I would choose someone who was actually capable of running the country and hand my job to them.

Things I hope Disappear off the Face of the Earth: underwear…and ignorance

Favorite….: I have never been able to decide on a favorite anything and when I do its replaced before I can even remember what it was.

In ten Years: I will be 32…

LOVE: Life 🙂


-Oh Porter

One thought on “About Me…

  1. Perry Rose says:

    It was enjoyable, almost as enjoyable as Donny Hathaway playing softly as I sip on some wine forgetting that I am a student with lots of homework and studying to get accomplished by Sunday. Nonetheless I enjoyed it!

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